Kansas Publishing Ventures, LLC

Kansas Publishing Ventures is a locally owned media company in South Central Kansas.

We specialize in newspapers and magazines, and also have a marketing company that helps businesses with custom print, websites, and other design projects.

We also work with writers to self publishing books as well as area high schools and colleges on yearbook publishing.

As a modern media company, KPV is ready to help any business with their marketing while also serving the greater community as a source for local news, features, sports, and opinion.

If you would like more information on KPV please contact Joey Young: joey@kspublishingventures.com

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  • Owner / Publisher
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  • Bruce
  • Marketing Dude
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  • Lindsey
  • Print Consultant / Billing
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  • Tommy
  • Technical Director
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Kansas Publishing Ventures offers many options for advertising, with six papers spanning three counties (Harvey, Marion and McPherson).

To view a map of our coverage, please click the map thumbnail. For information about each publication (including contact information for advertising with each) as well as other services we offer, simply scroll down the page.

KPV Coverage Map
KPV Rate Card
To download a copy of the latest rate card for Kansas Publishing Ventures, please click the thumbnail. It includes rates for individual papers as well as multi-paper rates.
Hillsboro Free Press

The Hillsboro Free Press serves all of the communities in Marion County. The paper is the largest distribution newspaper in the county, going to 7,500 households. The Free Press is a free distribution publication that provides quality local coverage of everything from breaking news to high school and Tabor College sports. The Free Press has earned multiple awards from the Kansas Press Association and Midwest Free Community Papers. The paper is published each week on Wednesday.

The Free Press office is located at 116 S Main, Hillsboro, KS, 67063. The phone number at the office is 620-947-5702. The website is www.hillsborofreepress.com.

For advertising, contact:

  • Natalie Hoffman
  • natalie@hillsborofreepress.com
  • 620-947-5702
  • Michelle Looper
  • michelle@hillsborofreepress.com
  • 620-947-5702
Newton Now

Newton Now is a weekly newspaper serving Newton, North Newtonand Walton. Its focus is pure local news each week, specializing in government coverage for the cities and the county as well as feature writing and a strong editorial page. Newton Now has won numerous awards at the Kansas Press Association convention, and Managing Editor Adam Strunk was honored with the Victor Murdock Award for excellence in investigative reporting. The paper is published each week on Thursday.

The Newton Now office is located at 706 N Main, Newton, KS, 67114. The office phone number is 316-281-7899, and the website is www.harveycountynow.com.

For advertising, contact:

  • Bruce Behymer
  • bruce@harveycountynow.com
  • 316-617-1095
The Clarion

The Clarion serves the communities of Andale, Colwich, Haven, Maize, Mount Hope, Partridge and Yoder. The subscription-based paper, which has been in publication for over a century, provides these communities with local coverage of everything from city council meetings to high school sports each week. The Clarion earned the distinction of being the best weekly newspaper in its division two years in a row (2013-2014) at the Kansas Press Association’s annual awards banquet. The paper is published each week on Thursday.

The Clarion phone number is 316-445-2444. The website is www.clarionpaper.com.

For advertising, contact:

  • Stephanie Canada
  • stephanie@hcindependent.com
  • 316-835-2235
The Hesston Record

The Hesston Record is a weekly paper serving Hesston, Kansas.

The Record's office is located at 345 Old Hwy 81, Hesston, KS 67062. The phone number at the office is (620) 327-4831.

For advertising, contact:

  • Bruce Behymer
  • bruce@harveycountynow.com
  • 316-617-1095
The Halstead Independent

The Harvey County Independent is a weekly paper serving Halstead, Sedgwick, Burrton and Bentley.

The Independent's office is located at 220 Main St., Halstead, KS 67056. The phone number there is 316-835-2235.

For advertising, contact:

  • Stephanie Canada
  • stephanie@hcindependent.com
  • 316-835-2235

The McPherson News-Ledger is a weekly paper serving McPherson and Moundridge and Inman.

The News-Ledger has two offices, one in Moundridge, and one in McPherson.

The Moundridge location is 106 Ave. A in Moundridge, KS 67107. The phone number there is 620-345-6353.

The McPherson office is located at 104 N. Main Suite C in McPherson, KS, 67460

The News-Ledger's website is www.mcphersonweeklynews.com.

For advertising, contact:

  • Misty Rae
  • misty@mcphersonweeklynews.com
  • 620-504-9584
Translation Technology Services

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  • Hillsboro
    Free Press
  • 116 S. Main
  • Hillsboro, KS 67063
  • Phone: 620-947-5702
  •   Fax: 620-947-5940
  • The
  • 314 N. Main PO Box 337
  • Andale, KS 67001
  • Phone: 316-445-2444
  •   Fax: 316-445-2446
  • Newton Now
  • 706 N. Main
  • Newton KS 67114
  • Phone: 316-281-7899
  • The Hesston
  • 345 Old Hwy 81
  • Hesston, KS 67063\2
  • Phone: 620-327-4831
  • The Harvey County
  • 220 Main St.
  • Halstead, KS 67056
  • Phone: 316-835-2235
  • McPherson
  • McPherson Office:
  • 104 N. Main, Suite C
  • McPherson, KS 67460
  • Phone: 620-241-4290
  • McPherson
  • Moundridge Office:
  • 106 Ave. A
  • Moundridge, KS 67107
  • Phone: 620-345-6353